Monitoring of the Program of the Government of RNM




continuous progress or achievement
movement or partial progress
no progress
no data

16 community mobilizers from all development regions in the country, are actively monitoring the fulfillment of the promises of the current Government, given in the official Work Program of the Government 2020-2024.

The mobilizers selected 16 measures that are included in the Government Program, which refer to 6 areas:

  • Education
  • Social issues
  • Justice
  • Culture
  • Economy
  • Health

The monitoring process started in September 2020. For each of the selected measures, a separate system for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the given measure was defined, which includes information on the measure to be monitored, indicators to be followed, methods for collecting information, sources of information and dynamics for gathering information. More about the monitoring methodology can be found at the following link.

When visualizing the findings from the monitoring, a traffic light is used as a symbol for the realization of the measures.

Green color indicates significant progress, high level of development, advanced level of achievement of measures / indicators.

Yellow indicates intermediate level of development, partial progress.

The red color indicates that there is no progress in terms of realization of the measure / indicator.

The scope of monitoring is limited according to the capacities of the mobilizers, as well as the resources made available to them in the process, including the limited period of 7 months.

Due to the limited scope of monitoring, we note that some of the data may be incomplete and not include the activities that are implemented or in the process of implementation. The intention is to encourage the implementation of those measures and activities in the Government Program that require urgent action, and it was concluded that no significant activities were undertaken in the monitoring period.