Candidate Registration Platform

New Technologies in the Electoral Process

One of the most crucial responsibilities of any Electoral Management Body is registering candidates for elections. This involves verifying  candidates  to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements, and validating data so that all information is accurately entered and is consistent across all materials, from list publication to ballots, to election result reports, to the final results announcement.

IFES, through the “Support to Electoral Process” project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation/SDC, created and implemented an online candidate registration platform. This platform contributes to making electoral process more efficient and effective through the introduction of new technologies..

This year for the first time, political parties, coalitions and/or group of citizens were able to submit their candidate lists through this platform. This helped the State Election Commission fulfill the new amendment to the Electoral Code (February 2020) namely, in timely manner, with greater efficiency to request, and accept and verify the needed information on each candidate from different national institutions in the country.

Introducing new technologies in the electoral process not only improves the administration of elections, but also improves their transparency and brings the citizens closer to the process.

The candidate registration platform is available online, as ready and easy to use tool for analysis of the lists through different filters and crosschecks.

The candidate registration platform is available in both Macedonian and Albanian.

To visit the platform, please visit the website of the State Election Commission:; or the direct link to the platform is: